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A fun fact about me:

I bought a piece of Scotland for my husband for Christmas. We are now officially a Laird and Lady!

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Moody facts about me:
I didn't go to my first Moodies concert until the spring of 2004. Within the first year after that concert, I bought all of the albums and cds, all the issues of Higher and Higher magazine and redid my sewing/craft room with Moodies posters from Red Rocks, RAH and a five foot Glasgow ad poster (as well as framed photos I've taken at concerts). I had never seen the ocean (well technically I still haven't, I saw the Gulf of Mexico) until I saw a Moodies concert in Sarasota, FL.

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A quirky fact about me:

I love stormy weather. I've been through three tornados and actually saw two touch down at the same time. The family car was nearly totaled by baseball size hail during one of the tornados. I guess it runs in the family, my dad used to love to sit on the porch and watch the storms come in.

I'm an English major and a pet peeve is people who pronounce nuclear as nucular. Yikes!

We have two libraries in our house, one upstairs and one downstairs. We have over 3000 books, some dated in the early 1800s.

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Some of my favorite memories are of my grandmother. She lived in a three room house with no running water and no gas. The whole house was heated by two wood stoves, one in the kitchen for cooking and one in the main room to heat the house. We had to go to the well house to "draw" water from the well and carry it in to the house. There were always two buckets of water in the kitchen, one for drinking water and one for washing water. We would have to heat water on the cookstove to fill the wash tub to take baths. I remember when my dad built grandma a two-seat outhouse. She really thought she was up-town then. My grandpa did some trapping during the depression to help feed his 15 children. He also raised foxhounds. I remember when I was very young, he took me on a 'coon hunt. After dark, a few of the old men in the area brought their hounds over and we went into the woods. They built a nice fire and let the hounds loose. I still remember hearing the dogs baying deep in the woods. The old fellows would tell stories of the old days and all the folks they had met and how times were changing. I still think of that every time we have a bonfire. It's funny how the mind stores those things and what triggers the memories. By the way, I'm not ancient, I'm only 53 so it hasn't been that long ago that folks still lived that way. Too bad our children won't have memories like that.

My Hobbies

I refinish antique furniture ( I have my own woodworking shop). I sew and quilt and like to paint with oils and acrylics. I collect cows and cowboy memorabilia. My house looks like an antiques shop! I like to mow, believe it or not. I plant a big garden and do canning and make jelly. I like to read, especially the classics. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan.

My Occupation

Middle school Student Administration secretary

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    Hi Linda,  Thanks for the link, I will check it out.  Actually I am going to the concert in London, mostly by pure luck!  I have to be at the University of Cambridge on the following Monday for three days, so I was THRILLED to see that they were playing the Saturday before.   The funny part was that I just decided last week that if I was going over there, I was going to see Scotland, even if it is only part of it!  I booked a 3 day trip to Edinburgh, Oban, and a couple of other stops on the train!  I also come from Scottish and English heritage, my great grand parents came over.  I am also only going to one other concert this year and that is in South Bend, Indiana - where I live.   Other than that I am going to spend my summer teaching a couple of class at Notre Dame, planting my garden and doing my best to grow my own herbs (never tried it)!!  Keep in touch. -Pam

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    I really enjoyed reading the stories on your profile!   It was a great way to start the day.  Curious, how do you buy a little piece of Scotland?  Thanks, Pam


    Reply from L8Bluemer:

    Pam, happy to meet you!  About the property in Scotland; my husband's grandfather was from Rutherglen, Scotland and we have always dreamed of going there, so last year for Christmas, I found a site where you can purchase part of an estate in Scotland.  Along with the deed to the land (you can purchase different size lots or plots, just depends on how much you want to spend) comes the title of Lord or Lady (or Laird if you prefer).  It was a fun gift and actually the title of Lord is legal.  I suppose we have enough land there to put up a tent, but you can actually stay in the manor house if you are vacationing.  I'll send you the link or you can do a search for Lochaber Estate on the net.  We had hoped to go there this summer, but my husband has a new job and can't take vacation until fall, so I had hoped to see the Moodies there.  Oh, well, I'm just blessed to see them twice this year here!  Take care.  Blessings,  Linda
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    Hi Linda ~
    Thanks for joining my friends list! Hope to see you posting more...especially on TER! What a welcoming board!

    ~ Bonnie
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I married my high school sweetheart and we have been married almost 33 years. ( I was so old then, but I'm much younger than that now!) We have one lovely daughter who is married. I have two dogs, a crazy Aussie puppy named Rascal and a very old Westie named Gracie. We have a small farm in the country that has been in my family for 5 generations. We grow mostly rocks and trees there, but also are running a small herd of Longhorn cattle. Our hope is to someday raise Highland cattle or Galloways. Both my husband and I are of Scottish decent and he has relatives still living there. We love to go to the Highland games every year. He is very dashing in his kilt, sporran and jacket. Someday we will make it to Scotland, maybe on our 35th anniversary, but for now, I'm happy to go to Moodies concerts and mow pastures with Moodies songs keeping me company! image

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